We strongly believe that business and responsibility go hand-in-hand.

Managing Director of Logipharma always believe that lasting value can only be created, if the right balance between the triple bottom lines of economic, environmental and social is achieved.
We utilize our company’s internal resources, including research, marketing, financial, human resources, and products, to maximize the impact and increase the reach of our CSR efforts.

Logipharma Forum

It’s no secret that with the increasing pressures on margins, greater risk and regulatory compliance requirements, the supply chain is fast becoming a key differentiator driving a competitive advantage within the pharma industry.

Logipharma friendly forum bringing together senior executives in pharma supply chain and logistics to benchmark their day-to-day responses and vital information.

Logipharma has four main goals.

These are to give the community a forum to:

  • - Gain expert insights into supply chain strategy
  • - Benchmark operations and performance with industry leaders
  • - Bridge the gap between strategy and successful implementation
  • - Current logistics updates (Central bank, Port, Custom, Regularity bodies, Import control etc.)